The Porsche GT3 Development Series

Idea Television has embarked on an ambitious partnership with one of the premier Porsche tuners in the country to bring you a series on Stuttgart's newest supercar, the 991 GT3. Our partner is Robert Overholser, founder and CEO of Lüfteknic in Richmond, Virginia. After departing from the race team at BMW Motorsports, Robert founded a one-stop shop in his hometown to restore, revitalize, and reinvigorate Porsche and VW cars. With experience in everything from American Le Mans Series race cars to concours-quality vintage restorations, Lüfteknic stays on the cutting edge by taking on the newest and toughest challenges. The 2014 Type 991 GT3 is just that: a race car for the street with all of Porsche's latest engine-management and electronic technologies embedded within. The new GT3 represents the pinnacle of sports car engineering as well as a unique platform for race tuning and custom development. Idea Television and Lüfteknic have partnered together to bring you videos on the car's mechanical basics, motorsports applications, history, capabilities, and tuning prospects. Tune in to catch new episodes of our 991 GT3 Development Series as we delve deeper into Germany's premier sports car.

Yearly Service

End of year trailer


Fernando Silva-Pinto, veteran PCA instructor, compares and contrasts the double clutch PDK systems in the 991 GT3 and a 2015 Cayman. Robert Overholser and Nathan Brown of Lüfteknic sit down with Mr. Silva-Pinto to discuss the emotive programming changes that makes Porsche's PDK the most versatile and sophisticated double-clutch gearbox ever sold to the public.  

Gt3 underbody

Robert Overholser and his team at Lüfteknic give you an unprecedented look at the new materials and processes that make the 991 GT3 a lightweight track weapon. This in-depth look underneath and inside the GT3 unveil the ingenuity and exoticism of the car while also showing the average owner exactly how the systems under the skin work.

Driving The 991 GT3 At Summit Point Raceway

Fernando Silva-Pinto, instructor for the Porsche Club of America, puts the new GT3 through the paces at Summit Point Raceway in Winchester, VA. Mr. Silva-Pinto discusses braking dynamics, suspension settings, and the potential for further development at Lüfteknic's on-site fabrication shop. Stay tuned throughout the winter as Robert Overholser designs and creates custom equipment to make the GT3 an even more capable track car.


A brief overview of the basics upon the car's delivery at Porsche Silver Spring.


Idea Television CEO Fernando Silva-Pinto describes first driving impressions and physical differences between the new car and its predecessors.

Lüfteknic Shop Tour

Lüfteknic CEO Robert Overholser takes us through his shop in Richmond, Virginia to reveal his team's capabilities and the historical basis for the GT3's specific technological components.

2003 GT3 RS Race Car

Fernando Silva-Pinto and Robert Overholser discuss the 2003 GT3 Race Car and its similarities and differences to its direct descendent, the new GT3 street car.

Underneath The New GT3

Lüfteknic CEO Robert Overholser puts the new GT3 on the shop lift and starts to unveil some of the technical and mechanical advancements in the new car.

H2O International - Three Generations Of The GT3

Robert Overholser discusses the similarities and differences between the 991 GT3 and its predecessors - types 996 and 997.

H2O International - Project Stuka

Robert Overholser describes finishing the outrageous Project Stuka 911 and driving it to H2O International, one of America's largest car shows, along with the 991 GT3, for a special show-and-tell to Porsche fans from around the globe.