Commercial Work

Tell It To The World

Mercedes-Benz wanted a different kind of ad campaign to launch a new model. MasterCard needed to soak in the Americas with its World Cup sponsorship. Our answer was agile production, quality content and brand awareness to create and deliver innovative solutions.

More Than An Ad Campaign, A Story

For the launch of the A-Class Mercedes-Benz, we tripled the length of a regular commercial spot and produced a series of 90-second ads showing how the car rises from the drawing board to the final road tests. The series was seen by millions of consumers over a period of 12 weeks.

The Challenge Of The World's Biggest Sporting Event

Starting in 2002 in Japan and Korea and expanding the concept in 2006 in Germany, MasterCard wanted its brand firmly connected to the biggest sports event on Earth - the World Cup. Our strategy was to produce series of pre-World Cup stories in magazine format. The content was shot in three different continents, edited in several formats and released over the course of 12 months to dozens of broadcasters. The themes were fascinating in their own right, the brand name a clear but never obtrusive presence. Usage was overwhelming. Target markets were successfully reached in the entire hemisphere.